How to increase your homes view count on Zillow

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Blog

tips to consistently beat your competition and get more people to view your property listings.

Zillow… you can either love it or hate it, however it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Zillow is one of the internet’s leading websites for buying and selling real estate. This video blog post will cover how to successfully market a property on Zillow to ensure maximum exposure and listing views. The most important thing when marketing your listing is perceived value! If your listing does not look good it can have a drastic effect on the type of people that you will attract. Quality photography, drone shots, video tours, and 3d Interactive tours all help attract and engage potential buyers. Do you want to attract people that will try to make low ball investor offers? I think not. If you create a perceived value buyers will take notice and the greater the value the more chances of a bid war among buyers.  

My team and I have seen mansions that were not properly marketed fall victim to low offers and receive inquiries from prospective flippers and property investors. One recent client that I worked with was experiencing a similar situation with a large vacant property recently listed. The way that it was marketed with just basic photos was negatively impacting its amount of views, it was on Zillow for over 7 days and had under 500 views. After going over marketing options the realtor had us capture new photos, drone shots, a walk through video, Zillow 3d tour, and we virtually staged some images since the property was empty. This caused the listing to soar to over 2000 views and over 80 saves on Zillow the following week. The property shortly after went into a bid war and closed within 3 weeks.  

2019 Interesting Statistics About Zillow

Billion Annual Site Visits

Million Monthly Unique Users

Homes Viewed Per Second Daily

Million Homes Viewed Monthly

When choosing a company to handle your real estate marketing needs you should make sure to ask if they are a Zillow marketing partner! Zillow Marketing Partners are certified to complete agent branded photography, video, drone tours with the ability to upload directly to your Zillow listing for you! Cinemaflight works with local New Jersey offices and realtors to provide real estate marketing for listings and we can add agent branded marketing videos directly to your live listings. If you enjoyed reading and watching our blog video make sure to join our newsletter to receive regular updated each time we drop a new valuable article! 

Marketing Impacts Your Listings Performance. Do you incorperate the following tactics for each of your listings? 


Drone Shots

Branded Video

3D Zillow Tours 

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